Our workshop
  • Quality Control(图1)

    Professional workman and machine

  • Quality Control(图2)

    Produce line

  • Quality Control(图3)

    Efficent workshop

    Our quality control
  • Quality Control(图4)

    The test of the Width

  • Quality Control(图5)

    The test of the Length

  • Quality Control(图6)

    The test of the weight

  • Quality Control(图7)

    The test of the thickness

    Details of the acrylic sheet
  • Quality Control(图8)

    Acrylic sheet with cut edge, and with kraft paper on both surface

  • Quality Control(图9)

    Acrylic sheet with edge, and with PE film on beoth surface.

  • Quality Control(图10)

    Our PE film with the same thickness of the krafe paper

  • Quality Control(图11)

    Acrylic sheet packaged with wood pallet

  • Quality Control(图12)

    Our warehouse have enough stock

  • Quality Control(图13)

    We are loading container

  • Quality Control(图14)

    Packing list

  • Quality Control(图15)

    The container are clean, dry, sealed

  • Quality Control(图16)

    Lock the container

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