Shanghai Kingsign International Trade Co., Ltd. is the Kingsign International (China) Limited investment in Shanghai, the establishment of an export-oriented and domestic sales, supplemented by a comprehensive sales company, the main products for a variety of acrylic sheet, tube, pipe; Acrylic furniture design and production; new products PETG sheet,APET sheet, PVC rigid board, PVC foam board,Polycarbonate sheet, Polycarbonate hollow sheet; HIPS plate.

     Kingsign International will carry out domestic and international sales operations in China, Kingsign International (China) Limited and Kignsign International at the same time expand international sales. We go two roads domestic trade, sales in domestic and foreign markets.

     Kingsign International's corporate goal is to become China's most professional acrylic materials and new products trader, from the range of products to provide customers with a wealth of choices, from the quality of customer selection of quality manufacturers, the better the quality, the price on to customers for the most reasonable and competitive prices, from the customer's standpoint what customers think, worry worry customers for domestic and foreign customers to provide satisfactory products and services.

     Kingsign International will strive for the largest acrylic materials export enterprises, with more than ten years experience in import, export and domestic sales of acrylic materials business administrator, cooked through raw material market and product market, with the most professional service and the best price to provide customers with the most satisfactory products, and free for customers with a full range of information consultation, market analysis, new materials recommendation, project planning, and other programs to address.

     Kingsign International in the country and more than a dozen powerful professional manufacturer established long-term cooperative relations with more than 30 countries and regions to establish a stable and cooperative relations, it has been widely praised by customers. 

     Shanghai Kingsign International hope that more domestic and foreign customers to give us a chance to cooperate, so that you understand our products, to let you know our services, so rest assured that you have a purchasing department in China, let us work together to create China and acrylic products around the world and a new era of new products.

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