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    Shanghai Kingsign International Trade Co., Ltd. is the HongKong Kingsign International (China) Co., Limited investment in Shanghai, the establishment of an export-oriented and domestic sales, supplemented by a comprehensive sales company, the main products for a variety of acrylic sheet, tube, pipe; Acrylic furniture design and production; new products PETG sheet,APET sheet, PVC rigid board, PVC foam board,Polycarbonate sheet, Polycarbonate hollow sheet; HIPS plate.

    Kingsign International will carry out domestic and international sales operations in China, Hong Kong Kingsign International (China) Co., Ltd. and Kignsign International at the same time expand international sales. We go two roads domestic trade, sales in domestic and foreign markets.


    You - the owner of ITC Kingsign, Kingsign International Trade "to your faith," as equals "you", Kingsign International Trade is committed to providing staff to create a respect for individuality and equality advocacy work atmosphere. Between employees and employees, between business leaders and employees, mutual respect and mutual service.

    Entrepreneurship - we offer is a pioneering stage, the various departments as a separate "small business." Kingsign Trading implementer all people not just in the grand goal of building materials trade, it is a personal cause of the pioneers.


    To achieve the company's sustainable development and coexist and co-prosper with our partners of interest, our company, taking the humanity and dignity into account, has set the business philosophy below:

    1. Human-centered
    Exceptional teams are our most significant assets. Thus, we have been sincerely wishing more talents joining our company where we will create favorable salaries and benefits and a comfortable working environment for our staff to facilitate them to realize their own career and ambition, which can contribute to their success and having fun during the work. Be part of us and you can create your own career driven by the promising sector.

    ADD: Room 602, No 356 Anli Road, Anting New Town, Jiading District ,Shanghai -201805, China
    Tel: +61 415 999 843,+86 (0)21 59570209
    Fax: +86 (0)21 59571708
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